April 20 8:00 pm


Talk | Solidarity Economy Center (Budapest)



Join us on Tuesday, 20th April at 18hrs (GMT+3) for a chat with Agnes and Marton of the Budapest based Solidarity Economy Center. In the chat we hope to learn more about what a solidarity economy is, how this Center in Budapest is going about building one, what their primary challenges have been, and what they believe the strategic importance of this kind of institution is for sustaining or crafting an urban commons in their region and elsewhere.


Feel free to check out this insightful recent discussion they took part in, ‘In the ruins of neoliberalism: is a solidarity economy possible?’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goYS8OHQ4nA&t=3605s

Also, the essay ‘A Path to a Countermovement’, by Aleksandra Bilewicz, offers a nice framing for thinking through the contemporary challenges consumer cooperatives in Poland face in their path to the commons, or what they are calling stateless socialism, namely: scaling-up, class segregation and informal organisational structures. Does a solidarity economy offer a solution?


'New Solidarity Initiatives as an Important Ground for Building Transformative Politics: a conversation on Solidarity Economy Praxis in Hungary'