May 29 7:00 pm


Reading | Gentrification and the Revanchist City



Join us Saturday at noon, outside Luna6 (Vilnius), for lunch and our first reading of Neil Smith’s Gentrification and the Revanchist City. We thought it could make for a nice read in its rigorous tracing of the historical emergence of gentrification as a global force in capitalist urbanization processes. Smith usefully breaks down the various elements which constitute the logic of gentrification while dispelling certain popular focal points – namely consumer choice – as a strategically flawed entry point for anti-capitalist urban social movements. As we address Smith’s general theory of gentrification we hope to continue to ground matters in our district and broader region, considering both the particularities of our own post-socialist urban conditions and the potentials of the commons as an all together different mode of social reproduction within the city and beyond it.


- In our first session we will read the introduction "Is Gentrification a Dirty Word" . For those of you in or near Vilnius, very welcome to join!