April 10 5:30 pm


Reading + Excursion | Urban Gardening as Commoning?



We read an article by Efrat Eizenberg based on her doctoral research on community gardens in New York as spaces of commoning. Discussed the reading in connection with processes of urban community garden formation and alteration in Naujininkai and Vilnius as presented by ┼Żemartas Budrys from Xwhy / Agency of Understanding. Our meeting was followed by a visit to the squatted community gardens, in Naujininkai, that ┼Żemartas got involved in municipal negotiations about. Xwhy together with the municipality also created a legal framework in order to enhance urban gardening possibilities in Vilnius.

See, Efrat Eizenberg's "Actually Existing Commons: Three Moments of Space of Community Gardens in New York City"

You may also be interested in "A Guide to Community Gardening (Vilnius)" 2019, organized by ┼Żemartas and others. https://issuu.com/laurapetruskeviciute/docs/guide_to_urban_gardening