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The books at Luna6 are a common resource, maintained and supported through your donations and some friendly publishers. Luna6 also has a couple hundred zines and pamphlets, collected over the last decade, at infoshops that operated in Vilnius and Kaunas. If you would like to take a look write to us (luna6-star[at]protonmail.com) to setup an appointment or simply drop by before an event. We allow check-outs for up to a month.

friendly publishers:

Endnotes Journal

Datacide Magazine

Mute Magazine


Contagion Press

RabRab Press

Common Notions Press


Rab-Rab Press Donation 🥰

Rab-Rab – the “contradictory” press

The Helsinki based Rab-Rab press shows us their solidarity, donating 10 new titles for the Luna6 common library. A substantial undertaking, Rab-Rab is committed to the exploration of art and aesthetics, as revolutionary political forms. Yet, opposed to the idea of political art as instrumental social service, the circle of thinkers, artists and activists surrounding Rab-Rab defend art as a social contradiction: the artistic act as that which puts on the table what cannot and should not be – the opening of a “non-dominative space” for experience. Notably, splitting with the post-modern camp that emerged in the 80s with art theorists like Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss and others, Rabrab follows a faction that returned to the modern avant-garde. Inspired by radical artistic experiments under existing state socialism that were overshadowed by monolithic Western accounts of Eastern Block life; the Rabrab collection features everything from new translations of texts from the early Russian socialist avant-garde, to reflections on the Yugoslav punk movement in the 80s and onto the story of “free jazz communism” in the US.


Books include:

The Conclusive Scene - Mao Zedong’s Last Meeting with the Red Guards, 28 June 1968

The Railway - An Adventure in Construction

Free Jazz Communism




Coiled Verbal Spring: Devices of Lenin’s Language


The Author as Producer of Nothing

Fake Star

Selection of our Reading Material



The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions

Larry Mitchell

Contagion Press

The Criminal Child

Jean Genet

Contagion Press

To the Indomitable Hearts: The Prison Letters of Luciano “Tortuga” Pitronello

Contagion Press

Enforcing Normalcy

Lennard J. Davis

Housing Financialization. Trends, Actors and Processses

European Action Coalition for the right to Housing and the City

Restless Cities

Matthew Beaumont and Gregory Dart

In Letters of Blood and Fire. Work, Machines and the Crisis of Capitalism

George Caffentzis

Common Notions Press

Wages for Students

George Caffentzis

Common Notions Press

In the Name of the People


Common Notions Press

Witches, Witch-Hunting, and Women

Silvia Federici

Common Notions Press

For Health Autonomy: Horizons of Care Beyond Austerity

Carenotes Collective

Common Notions Press

Capitalism in the Web of Life

Jason W. Moore

Atheism in Christianity

Ernst Bloch

Artificial Hells

Claire Bishop

The Ego and His Own

Max Stirner


Franco “Bifo” Berardi

In Defense of Housing

David Madden and Peter Marcuse

Marx and Human Nature

Norman Geras

Communal Luxury

Kristin Ross

Imagined Communities

Benedict Anderson

Revolutionary Yiddishland

Alain Brossat and Sylvia Klingberg

The Civic Foundations of Fascism in Europe

Dylan Riley

Paradise Rot

Jenny Hval


Timothy Morton

The People’s Republic of Walmar

Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski


Jodi Dean


Andrea Long Chu

One Man’s Terrorist

Daniel Finn

We Have Never Been Middle Class

Hadas Weiss

On Ideology

Louis Althusser

The Return of the Political

Chantal Mouffe

Burn It Down!

Breanne Fahs

Resisting Evictions Across Europe

European Action Coalition for the right to Housing and the City

High-Risers: Cabrini-Green and the Fate of American Public Housing

Ben Austen

Revolting Prostitutes. The fight for Sex Workers’ Rights

Juno Mac and Molly Smith

Normal Life. Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Resistance and The Limits of Law

Dean Spade

Queering Anarchism

ed. C.B. Daring


ed. Sarah Cook


ed. Gabriel Levine

Look at hazards Look at Losses

Group for Conceptual Politics


Michel Foucault

The Palestine Communist Party 1919–1948

Musa Budeiri

In Defense of Lost Causes

Slavoj Zizek

Willing Slaves of Capital: Marx and Spinoza on desire

Frederic Lordon

Apartheid Israel. The politics of an Analogy

ed. Jon Soske and Sean Jacobs

Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance

ed. Elizabeth Perry and Mark Selden

The Coming Insurrection

The Invisible Committee

The Meaning of Freedom

Angela Y. Davis

Mongrel Firebugs

Steve Fraser

Guido Barroero

Cento anni di storia operaia

Nežemiško sekso fetišas


Ar jau galvoji apie meilę?

H. Briukneris

Neoliberalizm: Historia karastrofy

David Harvey

Przestrzenie globalnego kapitalizmu

David Harvey

Przewodnik po Kapitale Karola Marksa

David Harvey

Nešventasis sakramentas: ideologija, tikėjimas ir išsilaisvinimo politika

Andrius Bielskis

Kūrybiškumo galia? Neoliberalistinės kultūros politikos kritika

Skaira Trilupaitytė


Slavoj Žižek

Marksizmas iš krikščionybė

Alasdair MacIntyre

Rusijos revoliucija Ukrainoje

Nestor Machno

Anarchizmas ir kitos esė

Emma Goldman

Jokio kito dievo, tik Dievas

Reza Aslan

Carceral capitalism

Jackie Wang

Look at Hazards, Look at Losses various authors

Group for conceptual politicas

The Philosophy of Marx

Etienne Balibar

Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World without Work

Nick Srnicek, Alex Williams

Reproducing authonomy: work, money, crisis & contemporary art

Kerstin Stakemeier and Marina Vishmidt

Organizsatin of the organisationless: collective action after networks

Rodrigo Nunes


Наука логики, том 1-3


Работы разных лет


Энциклопедия философских наук



Актуальность прекрасного

Клод Леви-Стросс

Печальные тропики

Этапы развития социологической мысли

Раймон Арон

Логика, или Искусство мыслить

А. Арно, П. Николь

Открытое общество и его враги, I-II

Карл Поппер

Искусство и Политика

Антонио Грамши

Философский словарь



issues 1, 4 and 5


issue 3

Datacide. Magazine for Noise and Politics

issues 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19

MUTE. Culture and Politics after the Net

Vol. 2 (nrs. 2, 3, 8 and 12), Vol 3 (nr. 4)

LIES. A Journal of Materialist Feminism

Cesura//Acceso, journal for music, politics and poetics

International Industrial Union of Psychic, Reproductive and Destructive Workers

collection of 4 issues

CTM Magazine - Festival for Adventurous Music & Art

issues 15–19