700 Bliss & Pussykrew | virtual Unsound festival



Interactive performance
Virtual visual performance where directions can be chosen by the user
(or can be streamed via twitch)
This performance will be accompanied with fantastic 700 Bliss music

Hello! Let's experience a festival from Krakow – Unsound together! This year's festival will be virtual and will come to cosy places around you. Full program can be found here: The following is the timetable to experience events in Wilno:
Thursday 01wavings20.00Luna6
Friday 02---
Saturday 03ethereal walk20.00-
Sunday 04Sinjin Hawke and Zara Jones20.00julius place
Monday 05Community of grieving21.00julius place
Tuesday 06The defiant ones21.00Sigma
Wednesday 07multiple events21.30julius place
Thursday 08multiple events20.30Sigma
Friday 09700 Bliss and Quarantine dreams22.00Luna6
Saturday 10After Life dance party18.00Luna6
Sunday 11New world20.30julius place