Screening + Housing Politics Discussion | Cathy Come Home (1966)

WHEN13 MARCH, 19:00


Regeneration [and its discontents]
Loach's scathing depiction of the ruinous consequences of the capitalist housing system, Cathy Come Home takes us through the crisis of a woman who finds herself simultaneously abandoned by the British welfare system and mercilessly exploited by the profit driven housing market. This deeply personal yet maddeningly global drama raises important questions  still relevant today  about the bleak intersection of housing inequality, gentrification, as well as gender and racial oppression.  

The film will be followed by a discussion with Ana Vilenica who is a member of the Belgrade based Roof Anti-Eviction Network, an editor of Radical Housing Journal and theorist of urban regeneration in post-socialist Yugoslavia. 

Radical Housing Journal

Article about Roof Network's anti-eviction campaign
The event is part of the series Regeneration [and its discontents]. 
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