PLANNING | Open planning meeting #2



Second planning meeting in Luna6's (currently) monthly series of OPEN PLANNING MEETINGS
Jan 5th General Plan Meeting

Technical points:
 - who will take up role as "pusher" this month? *responsible for pushing people to take care of the Action points they agreed on in the meeting.
 - who will be the moderator? 
 - who will write protocol? 

 - Where to invest money from benefit party? Kitchen? Workshop/office room? Books? Printer for zines, projector (if needed to replace??)
 - What to use the "office" room for? 
 - Who could be interested in doing workshops with kids at the new youth center? And other ideas for developing relation with them?
 - Party 'We are Propoganda' reflection 


Remaining APs from past Meeting
 * idea of creating side bar to better frame "groups" and their activties in the space.
 * vuk will connect people to google calendar
 * guidelines on wall, space narrative needed, minimal ideological filtering. Use emma wall sheet as starting point

For more context, see event page for our first planning meeting which took place on 1 December 2019.

Bring a snack, sweets, teabags, let’s chill and plan.