DATA-VIOLENCE | Screening of DECODER (1984)

WHEN06 JULY, 17:00


“We can only give you a little information, little bits, small elements;
maybe they will be of use; information to short circuit information.”

Declares Genesis P-Orridge, as the high priestess of an occult industrial noise sect, to an all too eager seeker of the ‘code behind the social codes’.

In DECODER our social-order is presented as something like a computer program; with those in possession of the code – managers of burger franchises and the political class – as the profiteering  rulers of information channels. Yet, within this pacified info-soundscape, an occult under-class emerges who, after hacking the information-control centres (the audio tracks of a burger franchise),  spread viral audio counter-simulation – riots, looting and insurgency follow.

DATA-VIOLENCE will hopefully be an ongoing series of sounds, hacking, films, performances and talks; motivated by our common desire to create new forms of life against, within and through technology in the capitalocene era.