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Forming an Alternative Queer Scene in Eastern Europe Together

WHEN19-11-2021 18:30


The sounds we hear in the club today came from those who were most oppressed and had a desire to free themselves without fear and toxic social ties...these communities seized the nightclub, turning it into a house of fantasy and desire, where one could be seen and heard as they are, as they’d like to be. The nightclub was created and defended as a place to get together, support and inspire each other.
Yet, times have changed, the nightlife industry profits from the clubber, enforcing individualistic consumer mentalities; dividing us by financial background and social identities; leaving our dancefloors open for “paying” social predators; exploiting artists, djs, bartenders and cleaners as mere servants of joy.
This is a call to TAKE THE NIGHT BACK:
 Everyone interested - from culture lovers to dancers, from DJs to promoters - is welcome to bring your drinks and friends for a meet and greet at Luna6. We link up to share ideas and thoughts; to communally reflect on our nightlife experiences; to raise questions and build strategies. Let's imagine alternative ways of organising and create a better space for each other to open up, get free, to breathe and move.
We hope to keep things moving: to cultivate an informal group with you, to make some sounds, have chats, dance, etc.
Let us know what kind of topics you'd like to discuss and future activities we could do together here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/EpbWw2SPG2ZAdmiyLq0X-keep
Or via e-mail: ulwclub@gmail.com