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READING GROUP | Radio #2: David Graeber - Promises, Promises: A History of Debt

WHEN2020-09-25 18:30


last time was a blast. let's meet again and listen to some more Graeber!

we'll pick up where we left off last time: having finished "The Medieval Period", we'll move on to "The Conquistadors and the Birth of the Modern World Economy".

for those joining us for your first David Graeber Radio experience, there's a show on BBC Radio called "Promises, Promises: A History of Debt". it's largely based on his anthropological research (and subsequent book) on history of debt in various societes.

we just meet and listen all together. no prep work, just come and listen, and then join the discussion and/or banter.

meet ~6:30pm. start 7pm.

we've listened to an ~hour's worth of audio (of this programme) thus far, catch up on the bus if you'd like. or just listen to the first ~13min intro episode ("The Moral Power of Debt").