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Covid Care | reading “The Ongoing Process of Self-Organization of Health in Petralona”

WHEN09-05-2020 14:00


The current crisis has called attention to the politics of health in new ways. The Covid Care Network was our practical response to widely felt needs for a different approach to healthcare. We want to continue raising political questions about who is responsible for illness and to think medicine as a complex, multidimensional part of our lives, communities, and ecologies. 

Strong examples of this different kind of healthcare are found in Greece. There we find the tradition of self-organized clinics that emerged in the beginning of the crisis era (2008). Importantly, these clinics don’t only strive to make up for the general lack of medical care but to also provide alternative, community driven, anti-capitalist care relations. 

Join us for a short reading of a text written by a member of The Social Space for Health in Athens, some reflections on our activities with CC and, as usual, some food.