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AFTERLIFE : ev20f1 presented by NAXS corp. & Meuko! Meuko! | virtual Unsound festival

WHEN2020-10-10 18:00


Afterlife is a MMO game
Can be played or watched via Twitch
Six hour performance
Leaning to dance music and all that goodness
Performance is created from two parts:
First part: Taiwanese experimental music artists
Second part: Pan-Asian experimental music artists

Meuko! Mueko! (slow experimental club dance)
Alex Zhang Hungtai – + (jazz and ambient influences) 
Alice Hui-Sheng Chang with drummer Dutch E Germ (vocal based artist)
落差草原 / Prairie WWWW – experimental rock
破地獄 / Scattered Purgatory - + Drony ambient

Sonia Calico- dance,
Gabber Modus Operandi- heavy gabber
33EMYBW - + fluxwork dance
Hyph11e - + fluxwork dance
ASJ / Charlisha Leung
Mars89 - noisy slow heavy dance
Wanton Witch
Between the parts:

Steve Goodman (aka Kode9) presents: Audio Virology
I like kode9 very much
Audio essay about viruses rendered audible


Hello! Let's experience a festival from Krakow – Unsound together!
This year's festival will be virtual and will come to cosy places around you.
Full program can be found here: https://www.unsound.pl/en/intermission/schedule_intermission
The following is the timetable to experience events in Wilno:
Date Event Time Location
Thursday 01 wavings 20.00 Luna6
Friday 02 - - -
Saturday 03 ethereal walk 20.00 -
Sunday 04 Sinjin Hawke and Zara Jones 20.00 julius place
Monday 05 Community of grieving 21.00 julius place
Tuesday 06 The defiant ones 21.00 Sigma
Wednesday 07 multiple events 21.30 julius place
Thursday 08 multiple events 20.30 Sigma
Friday 09 700 Bliss and Quarantine dreams 22.00 Luna6
Saturday 10 After Life dance party 18.00 Luna6
Sunday 11 New world 20.30 julius place