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Rent madness - Gentrifi..what?

WHEN14-12-2019 18:21


Vilnius is changing. Wider areas of the town are being exposed to the reality of business: fancy houses, expensive bars, little businesses and, of course, the biggest challenge to a working person: crazy rents. 
The process has its name: gentrification. Let's come together and have a talk about the city we live in! 
The discussion will raise questions of what gentrification is in general, how it starts and how we are all involved. One example from the east will show how the history of the city is justifying these processes and how these changes are long-term planned and well-financed. We'll look into other cities of europe and their hopeful strategies and will discuss if they are the real alternatives. 

Let's discuss! Let's come together!
Some are affected now some are not, but at a certain point, it's a question for all of us!