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READING GROUP | God and the State (1/3)

WHEN23-07-2019 18:24


Soo, we continue our collective self-education exercise by reading Bakunin's God and the State (1882).
The text itself spans some 40 pages, starts with chapter I and ends with IV.

We're splitting the text and hence the readings into three parts.

For this first reading, let's cover chapter I and part of chapter II till the paragraph What is authority? It's about 10 pages only - we read them at home and meet to discuss.

Don't be alarmed by the draft-like nature of the text, nor its abrupt end; for life itself is but a fragment.

If there is time in the end, we will do a quick recap of the Communist Manifesto discussed in the previous meeeting - so if you have any questions or comments on the manifesto, bring them (along with your friends)!