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Fully Automated Luxury Communism Reading Club

WHEN30-10-2019 13:08


"Without positive obsession, there is nothing at all”

Octavia Butler

Fully Automated Luxury Communism Reading Club begins the moment cold kicks in. Find the text here and take a look at the introduction and the first chapter Chaos Under Heaven. For everybody who needs to find an optimistic take on technology and the future in general; repair our imagination and embrace radical creativity. We will not only read and discuss the text but also engage in self-care for the left: enjoying some sci-fi, drinking some Alita champagne, eating (ethical!) caviar, practicing the right to imagine the future and watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos with a cup of cacao. Looking from positions of pleasure activism, we allow ourselves to feel comfort and joy for once while remembering the goals.

«With the arrival of communism any distinction between mental and physical labour would vanish, with work becoming more akin to play. This also meant a society with greater collective wealth, where all essential wants as well as creative desires are satisfied. Which is where luxury comes in. The concept, under conditions of scarcity, expresses that which is beyond utility, its essence an excess beyond the necessary. So as information, labour, energy and resources become permanently cheaper – and work and the limits of the old world are left behind – it turns out we don’t just satisfy all of our needs, but dissolve any boundary between the useful and the beautiful. Communism is luxurious – or it isn’t communism» 

– Aaron Bastani «Fully Automated Luxury Communism»