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CHILL | Saturday grill

WHEN2019-06-15 17:00


you are cordially invited to a CHILL VEGETABLE GRILL this SATURDAY the 15th of june 2019.

plz bring friends and/or ideas / yourself / something to drink or to put on a grill, etc.


  * grill
  * meet up for those who may want to get involved in summer / space activities
  * opening of zine library
  * chill

...so we are gradually opening this shared-space, which we hope will offer a politically oriented context for folks to make food together, have reading groups, watch films, make zines and pamphlets, conspire, drink etc. we're trying not to rush but obviously some work on pinning down a kind of vision (leaving some intentional uncertainty and vagueness where needed) would be a good thing.

this is where you come in! -- if you already have some ideas about what you would like to do in this space, the grill could be a great chance to meet us and share your thoughts. if you don't have any ideas, no worries, just come and chill with us.