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Between Estrogenes, Glitter Nails and Toxic Masculinity

WHEN09-10-2019 19:00


Hello again darlings, We Are Propaganda is delighted to announce a very special evening with Queers to the Front Booking, who are currently on an EU tour. A bit quieter, but no less ravaging than our usual debauchery, a discussion about gender politics in and beyond the music scene with Maja, Rachel and Kate. Queers to the Front is a booking agency run by a transgender woman (Maja), that prioritizes marginalized artists – women*, people of colour, queer, (dis)abled and neurodiverse artists. Our ladies of honour will share some personal stories about: the hurdles of navigating life and the underground music scene, as a transgender women; dealing with imperfection on and off the stage; cultivating healthier environments for collaboration between accomplices and fellows of the arts.

*events are open to all genders, but we ask (especially white) cisgender men to take a step back for the night and give space to the less privileged.
This event is the first in a new collaboration between We Are Propaganda and Luna6. Our idea is to support an environment for discussions, workshops and screenings dealing with gender politics in the music and club scenes.